"Let's Talk Central"


Central Bedfordshire Council has launched a website entitled "Let's Talk Central".  (www.letstalkcentral.com.) 

The website is dedicated to giving local people a place to talk to each other and to post comments, photos and videos about where they live. Central Bedfordshire Council is keen to understand how local residents feel about issues such as;

the best things about where they live;

what is special about Central Bedfordshire;

what challenges do you think Central Bedfordshire will face in the future; and

what your hopes are for Central Bedfordshire in the future?

"The website has been designed specifically to hear from the public about the above and other issues. Only by listening to local people can the Council take decisions that reflect the  communities' priorities. Existing social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will be used to promote Let's Talk Central, which will be free and easy to use for the Council and it's customers. There is a video homepage to explain how to use the site.